Greetings from South Louisiana!

L'Amour Louisiane is a family-owned and -operated business dedicated to making and selling our natural Louisiana-made goodies at reasonable prices. We produce our sumptuous merchandise in Baton Rouge on the Highland bluffs of the Mississippi River. Since we are self-proclaimed bath royalty (a dowager duchess, countess, and lady), we soak in the finest of bath stuffs: rich emollients, smooth butters, and pure, organic essential oils and fragrances. And now it's time to lavish it on our friends around the world. ( will find our lavishment prices quite reasonable!)

Royal aspirations and joking around aside, we are a happy group that loves family, fine quality, and clean and natural products. We feel our bath confections are too good not to share and so this is our offering -- a chance to share in the fun and flavor of Louisiana! This is your opportunity to soak your cares away in warm, delicious baths like we bath royalty! Get ready to fall in love with bathtime!



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