Health.Wellbeing.Balanced for the NEW YEAR

Hi all!

We’re coming upon the Winter Solstice, then a New Year begins. Health, wellbeing and a balanced life are yours to have. 

We hope for your best and wish you a better, even the BEST year ever!

Thank you for your continued and loyal support. It means the world to us :) 

Sincerest regards,

Dara, Karen & Lindsay


Spring then summer...

Hot and humid is in our near future down in Louisiana.  But swimming, fishing, outdoor barbecues,  gardening and fun are as well. 

Our two most needed products to help with your summer adventures; SUPER EVERYTHING SPRAY & PAIN IN THE... Body and muscle rub. 

Give them a try, we promise they'll benefit you in a myriad of ways.

As always , HAND MADE, BY US, WITH CARE, in small batches for superior quality.


From our family here in Baton Rouge, Louisiana 



It's the New Year -- Time to renew!!

When the new year rolls around, so often visions of improved health, vitality, and new experiences dance in our heads. Here at L'Amour Louisiane, we love to think of ways to make all of our daily routines boost overall vitality. For instance, for those of us who bathe in a nice hot tub every day, we love to make our personal time in the bath something that doesn't end when we exit the bathtub. A bath with one of our bath balls, bursting with Shea butter, cocoa butter, coconut oils and more, perfumed with deliciously pure essential oils that boost...

It's FALL Y'ALL! The best time of the year!!!

Finally, cooler weather and (cross fingers) less humidity. We are ready to go to the many markets and festivals offered this fun holiday time of year. Dry skin and gifts are things in which we can definitely help. Our products are top of the line, purest ingredients and quality because WE HAND MAKE EVERYTHING and use ONLY THE BEST! 

We hope this season brings you joy, comfort and fun! 

All our best to you and yours,

~L'Amour Louisiane




We have been sooooo busy preparing for this time of year. Markets, festivals and mosquitoes. Yup mosquitoes. Our SKEETERS SUCK! SUPER EVERYTHING SPRAY is in high demand and NEED. So, WE NOW HAVE A BIGGER SIZE AVAILABLE!

ALSO, our seasonal scent BRIGHT & SPRINGY GARDEN ZINGY is ready and available. It is absolutely refreshing and beneficial to our hot, sticky spring/summer skin. Don't forget the aromatherapy aspects- it's a mood lifter and great for those lacking energy.

ALSO, check out our "ABOUT US" section to see all of the fabulous businesses now carrying our goods. We're especially excited...



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