Ward off mosquitoes with all natural SKEETERS SUCK MOSQUITO SPRAY

Summer's here and so are swarms of what some people jokingly call the "Louisiana's State Birds" - MOSQUITOES! L'Amour Louisiane has developed a natural, organically-made mosquito spray that REALLY WORKS! Ask anyone who has used it! Not only does it work, but it smells great and can be reapplied numerous times with no ill effects. In fact, it feels better each time. And that's not all! It is a refreshing sanitizer, overall body spray, and -- you're going to smile -- a great dog deodorizer!  We've tried it every which way there is and it's one of the most enjoyable all-purpose products you'll find today! NO SCARY CHEMICALS!

Comes in a cute 2 oz blue plastic spray bottle.

Makes a welcome gift!

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