We Grow Through Pain

We Grow Through Pain

I've been trying to write this blog for weeks now, months even. Hoping a change would happen in the present world situation that warranted a beautiful, exciting new post. As we are all well aware so much globally has happened that is not necessarily described as beautiful or exciting

However... I am so optimistic for what is coming and actually has been here the entire time. A new recognized love and appreciation for ourselves, our loved ones and neighbors. Our health, our planet, our cosmos is in greater focus with love in our eyes. We are one and with that we...



We're there yall! 

Time to think about all the people we are so grateful for, the love and giving we've received.

What could we do to help them with their stress or aches, or give them that may add a bit of comfort or joy? 

We like to think that our natural, Handmade, By Us, With Care products offer just what you're looking for. Male or female, we have something for you.

We sincerely wish you ALL the very best this Holiday Season.


With love,

Dara, Karen & Lindsay

Super Everything Spray: Essential Year-Round!

Let’s remember that during fall in Louisiana we are still plagued by intrepid mosquitoes! Through October and November, they are still active, particularly during the warmer than usual weather we are experiencing this year. Super Everything Spray repels mosquitoes, but also soothes the bites you might receive when you don’t think to spray. Our Super Everything Spray contains a variety of beneficial essential oils to ward off mosquitoes, but also contains two different types of alcohols that cleanse and numb the bites as well. Whenever you spend time out of doors, don’t forget to spray your skin and clothing with...

Health.Wellbeing.Balanced for the NEW YEAR

Hi all!

We’re coming upon the Winter Solstice, then a New Year begins. Health, wellbeing and a balanced life are yours to have. 

We hope for your best and wish you a better, even the BEST year ever!

Thank you for your continued and loyal support. It means the world to us :) 

Sincerest regards,

Dara, Karen & Lindsay


Spring then summer...

Hot and humid is in our near future down in Louisiana.  But swimming, fishing, outdoor barbecues,  gardening and fun are as well. 

Our two most needed products to help with your summer adventures; SUPER EVERYTHING SPRAY & PAIN IN THE... Body and muscle rub. 

Give them a try, we promise they'll benefit you in a myriad of ways.

As always , HAND MADE, BY US, WITH CARE, in small batches for superior quality.


From our family here in Baton Rouge, Louisiana 





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